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Cable Harness Assembly Disasters: 3 Things That Could Go Wrong

Cable Harness Assembly

3 Things That Could Go Wrong

Perhaps you mass-produce cable harness assemblies for medical applications or aerospace. Or maybe you need a solid harness assemble to deliver agricultural services. In any case, you rely on good systems and processes to deliver results. If small things go wrong with your cable harness assembly process, your inventory flow may be massive disrupted. This in turn can lead to quality problems and schedule backlogs.

Here are 3 issues that can happen during the journey from “dock to stock.”

1. Contamination.

To make advanced, delicate, and sophisticated assemblies, you need to protect materials from contaminants, such as dirt, dust, pollen, etc. Contaminants weaken structures, abrade sensitive surfaces, and may lead to other structural deficiencies. 

2. Innovation delays.

If you are in a business where you constantly need to innovate and change the “recipe” for your cable harness assembly, you need a manufacturing process capable of handling your needs. For instance, your engineers might devise a structural change to a cable harness that you need to implement right away to fulfill a client’s special request. Or you might want to build a harness assembly to operate in extra-normal temperature or pressure conditions. The longer it takes to install the manufacturing changes, the more money you are potentially leaving on the table.

3. Lack of consistency.

To succeed in business, you must replicate your successes and feel comfortable experimenting…with engineering solutions. 

Ideally, your cable harness manufacturing partner should have ISO 9000:2001 certification, practice total quality management, and document mission-critical procedures and systems. You need this redundancy and care because, if you don’t have it, you are cannot effectively replicate your results. If you lack a methodical, automated, crystal-clear map of the manufacturing process, it’s going to be very difficult for you to identify hidden constraints and bottlenecks in your model.

Avoid these three red flags by trusting the team at MC Electronics with your cable harness assembly needs.

Our staff has over a century of combined assembly experience. For over three decades, we’ve manufactured superior products and delivered excellent services. We focus on meeting quick turnarounds, storing KanBan items for shipping overnight, implementing total quality management and in-house training, documenting our QC manuals and procedures, and providing excellent customer service.

Find out more about how we can help you with your electro-mechanical, harness, and co-axial assembly needs at www.mcelectronics.com, or call us to discuss your project at ph: 831-637-1651.

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